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Rodeo Belt Buckles, Bull Riding and a little bit of History

By May 3, 2020News
Rodeos have long been a popular competitor and spectator sport in Australia, but were not run on an organized basis until the 1880s. The National Agricultural Society of Victoria ran one of the earliest recorded events in 1888, when a roughriding competition was held at their annual show. Travelling tent rodeo shows increased the popularity of roughriding throughout much of Australia. However, by 1930, the Great Depression left only a few of these travelling shows on the road.

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Bushmen’s Carnivals, the Australian equivalent of American rodeos, originated in Northern New South Wales in the 1920s.
Australian rodeo continued to grow following WWII, and by September 1978 riders from the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia competed in the World Rodeo Titles there for prize money totaling $60,000. In 1982, an Australian Bushmen’s Carnival Association team competed in the North American Rodeo Commission’s championships in Denver, Colorado, finishing sixth overall.

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Bull Riding is the most popular rodeo riding event and the most dangerous. A loose rope straps a man’s hand to a tonne of explosive power.  Because the cowboy never knows what the animal beneath him is going to do next, he must draw upon his sharpest mental and physical abilities when trying to conquer this twisting tornado. To keep his position and balance, a bull rider is constantly grabbing for new holds with his feet and continually pulling up on the rope.

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