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Belt Buckles, Bolo Ties and Hydroponics – Part 1

By July 26, 2020January 5th, 2021News

Banksia Products specialize in supplying quality Belt Buckles, Bolo Ties, Leather Belts and more, however since Covid-19 we basically only leave home for shopping and the Post Office which has allowed us extra time to concentrate on our hobby of growing vegetables hydroponically.  This has been an interesting journey as we have not seen these systems except on television or google. There has been some hit & miss as we have trialed various methods and products.

Our Banksia Products business obviously comes first as we post all orders within 24 hours and our local Post Office has their only pickup at 1:30pm daily to travel to the sorting facility.  Following are some of our type of product.

We offer Free Postage within Australia

We commenced hydroponics a couple of years ago and the following image was our first crop of Rainbow Chard grown in a NFT System

We erected a second hooped greenhouse 5M X 2M specifically for Strawberries, Toolangi, Chandler & Red Gauntlet.  We are approaching our third year and have grown over 8000 strawberries so far.

You can see this is an NFT System with the channels gently sloping to the front of the greenhouse, then a 50mm pvc tube carries the water & nutrient down to the yellow lidded storage reservoir at the far end of the greenhouse.  Most of the plumbing fittings are available at plumbing outlets or hardware stores.

We originally sourced strawberry bare rooted plants and replace all plants each year from runners…..more on that later.

The reason that we became interested in Hydroponics is that whatever we planted in soil was attacked by local animals such as wallabies, bandicoots, rabbits and birds as we live on the Far South Coast of NSW with lots of bush nearby.

Once we started we realised how much easier it was working at waist height and no weeding, however there are new problems with a few insects to deal with….pruning and cleaning solves many problems.

But best of all we have fresh veggies most of the year and don’t need to go to the supermarket that often especially with this terrible Covid-19 haunting everyone.

More on our Hydroponics later with more detail and images, however in the meantime check out our website Products at

We can be contacted at